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When we said ‘YES’ to Jesus we siged up for war! Don’t let anyone tell you different, the battle is on and its for our souls! Learn how to prepare and be ready for war. Learn how to fight to enforce all that Jesus Christ purchased for us through the sheddind of His blood.



Yes, we all love to receive gifts from time to time. But do you know about the most precious gift that has been given to man? This book will unpack and reveal this gift to you. Will you accept this gift? Find more in ‘The Gift that is Jesus Christ’



Adam and Eve had intimate fellowship in the presence of God before the fall and  since then sin has prevented our ability to be in the physical presence of God.  However, we have the presence of God within us through His Holy Spirit living in us.    By believing in and obeying God’s word we are awakened to His presence and the physical outcome is peace and joy.

This book will guide and enocurage you to be conscious of God’s presence in different areas of your life; family, work, home and socially.



A group of friends thrown together by fate. Over the years they have been each other shoulder to cry on and grown closer, stroger and bolder in the process. What has kept them together? The constant golden thread of Praying together through it all.

This book hopes to highlight the strength of Friendship and the extremely important power of staying connected to God through prayer.