Making a Habit of Spending Time with God

It is important to spend time with God. Why? Time with God is relationship building and relationships require time to develop and grow. A relationship with God although different, in many ways still has the resemblance to our relationships with people.

Every so often it is good to take time out of our busy schedule to reflect on our walk with God and a reminder of His love for us. It is imperative that as Christians, this becomes a habitual practice as it will keep us aligned with God’s will, address and remove any little foxes we might have let into our lives that becomes detrimental.

The practice of fasting, praying and reflection is a discipline that every Christian is encouraged to embrace especially in our society today, where everything and everyone is calling for our attention. It is important to be intentional about putting all aside to spend quality time with God; at a much deeper level than we do on a daily basis. In our collective experience, the aftermath of having a time of reflection is usually a deeper, clearer and stronger desire, knowledge and appreciation of who God is. We simply never go back to the way we were before.

Our free reflection resources are great companions and guides that can be used to help us focus solely on God; who He is and what He means to us.

So why not download some of our free resources and embark on a season of spending private and quality time with God. We know that every time spent with God is quality time, one that will enrich and beautify your lives immensely.

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Much Love, Remi